What It Is, How It (Really) Works, And What The Experts Say You Must Do Before The End Of The Year.

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Crypto is a gold rush, but you have to know what the experts are doing right now

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Featured Experts

Robert Kiyosaki

“Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki

“We’re in a major battle between bitcoin, which is capitalism ... and communism, which is the fed.”

Robert Breedlove

Robert Breedlove

“Our market is a pyramid scheme. The currency and trust fabric that holds our world together is a scam.”

Mark Moss

Mark Moss

"With Bitcoin, we finally have a tool. We finally have a way that we can win."

Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Dr. Saifedean Ammous

With fiat money and the stock market, it’s like that TV show, “Everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.”

Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang

There definitely were users that wanted to use it. They wanted to buy Ethereum, they wanted to buy those tokens. They came onto the network and started trading.

Dan Held

Dan Held

“If there was a better-than-bitcoin, we’d see it by now. Bitcoin is inherently primitive … and that’s a good thing.”

Jon Najarian

Jon Najarian

Can you imagine if instead of for-profit, vaccines were funded non-profit with coin? Totally different model.

There aren’t as many bitcoins as there are millionaires.

Dr. Jack Kruse

Dr. Jack Kruse

If you’re a bitcoin maximalist, you haven’t gone far enough.
Right now, you need to put all your money into the hardest money you can. Government is stealing it all.

Nina Jorgensen

Nina Jorgensen

If you’re not in this field, you’ll get left behind. You can no longer save your way to wealth.

G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin

I’d rather know the unpleasant truth than live in a dreamworld and wake up some time, living in hell.

Dirk De Bruin

Dirk De Bruin

You can trade successfully for a year, make one bad decision and lose the whole year. It’s better to not do that as a living. Better to buy and hold.

VJ Anma

VJ Anma

Best approach for non-professional, pick an amount and put that much in each month. Spread it out. Take a portfolio approach of 4-5 coins, use dollar cost average.

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For the first time on an unprecedented scale, the world's experts come together to openly reveal their expertise on…

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